Changing Times in the Finance Sector: From old-school salesforces to the Salesforce CRM solution

Technology is changing the way we interact with businesses. Growing accustomed to getting things done with a tap of a finger, customers have come to expect the same convenience and personalized experiences from all businesses they interact with – including their banks.

Unfortunately, restricted by a myriad of systems, many banks are struggling to keep up with the growing innovation and technology, causing a loyalty crisis.

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For over 18 years, the game changer in CRM and cloud technology, Salesforce has helped multiple industries, including the banking sector, bridge gaps across all channels of business to put their customers at the center of everything.


Ongoing changes in the banking industry indicate that banks with strong digital services and channels for customers have an advantage in building customer loyalty.

A modern, role-specific console enables bankers to minimize time spent on administrative tasks and maximize time spent with customers.


Retail banks have access to tons of data that could allow them to provide personalized experiences to their customers.

But at the same time, we must consider the security aspect, where about 66% of customers believe that security of personal data is an important factor when selecting a bank for their accounts.


Retail banks, however, still have the opportunity to personalize their efforts and exceed the changing banking preferences.

The three particular areas of interest for companies that are looking to stay ahead in this Age of the customer are interaction, engagement, and innovation.


The way we interact with banks is changing.

Over the last few years, customers have started doing their banking through a range of digital channels, regardless of their age or location.


45% of customers of the 18-34 age group and 25% from ages 35-54 use mobile banking apps for routine transactions.

Reports also show that 30% of customers regardless of their age find banking websites a convenient way to carry out routine transactions.


We still have a trend of strong in-branch experience to drive engagement, despite the convenience of tech-based interactions.

Among those who have a checking/savings account, a significant proportion, almost 24% of all age groups, still walk into a branch, particularly when seeking advice on investments and money management.


The younger ones are more likely to embrace an alternative, more “innovative” approach.

Nearly two-thirds of customers of the 18-34 age group prefer to use online banking services compared to 43% from ages (35-54) and 40% of ages 54 and above.


For banks that want to modernize, their first step is to achieve a single 360-degree view of their customer. In order to capture and share customer insights in a fast and effective way, the only possible solution is cloud-based integration.

Take a look at what Salesforce has in store for you:

Salesforce CRM for Financial Services

  • Ensures accurate and secure information sharing to employees
  • Enables employees to maintain documents and client records as well as manage external banking systems
  • Bankers and clients can now work in a real time environment anytime, anywhere.
  • Ease of access and interaction with the marketing campaigns and offers
  • Routing lending operations to the right agent
  • Easier client segmentation for investments, insurance, and private banking, powered with a complete view of profiles, interactions, campaigns, etc.
  • Responsible case management and integration with social media, and much more
  • On-demand customized application development using CRM

Salesforce CRM brings you:

Up-to-date platform, effortless integration

Salesforce seamlessly integrates with your existing banking system and provides more visibility to customer data. In addition to this, you can easily track any changes in the client’s information.


The Integration Charm

Salesforce provides banks with the opportunity to increase customer engagement via a next-generation platform called The Integration Charm, which allows them to integrate with various applications to increase their sale, marketing, and customer satisfaction.


Also, this platform gives an overall view of the customer, therefore helping employees interact easily.

The platform is quite dynamic and adapts to changes quickly, as per the business’s requirements.


Flexibility and accessibility

Salesforce is a widely appreciated customer engagement platform as it allows the business to make all customary changes in technology advancements and aids employees to interact with customers with ease and comfort.


It identifies the areas that keep the company from reaching their financial goals and make strategies to deal with them entirely. Commercial banking allows the employee to push the right information and share it with others easily and safely. Data quality is enhanced with better management of documents, client records, and banking systems and further allows everyone to work in real time through highly advanced and specialized applications, browsers, and mobile devices.


There is still a strong appreciation for in-person interactions, however, the banks who are reflecting higher growth are the ones who have managed to create a more sensible, seamless customer experience via Salesforce Banking Solutions. So for those who have been slower to adopt until now, it’s an ideal time for them to blend in the online and in-branch experience to meet and exceed the customer expectations.


Reshape financial dealing, embrace customer demands, and pursue growth.

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